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Our state of the art carpet cleaning equipment targets soiling deep within the carpet pile and fibres that vacuuming doesn’t remove. Removing this deep down dirt greatly improves your carpet's appearance and luster, returning it to that 'New Look' Feel.

Our Carpet Cleaning Offers:

  • Complete removal of dirt and debris
  • Superb carpet appearance, feel and smell
  • Fresher environments
  • Longer life span of your carpets
  • Improve and maintain your carpet appearance in high traffic areas
  • Rapid drying times mean your carpets can be used sooner

Our Systems Offers:

  • High air quality on site
  • All contaminated cleaning fluids and water are extracted to the remote vehicle
  • Remote cleaning system reduces noise and contamination hazards
  • Waste disposal is done remotely in an environmentally friendly way

The remote vehicle handles all the waste,
dirt and fluids.

A clean, quiet and healthy inside atmosphere.

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Telephone: 0191 45 45 071