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Fogging System

Improve air quality and eliminate infestations with our fast and effective fogging system.

The ELECTRO-GEN® 2000 was designed with safety and performance in mind. The ELECTRO-GEN® 2000 uses water based UNSMOKE® THERMO-2000® formulations, a safer alternative to petroleum based products. The ELECTRO-GEN® 2000 is equipped with a thermostat controlled temperature sensor. The sensor reduces the risk of operator error and droplet fallout during fogging operations by disabling the fog switch until proper operating temperature is reached. The ELECTRO-GEN® 2000 delivers over 7,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. A Dual Action Control offers the choice of either Manual or Programmed operation. An optional wireless remote system for operator convenience is available.

Fogging System
Fogging System

The fogging system works in synergy with Thermo-2000®, a highly effective odour counteractant. Unlike other thermal fogging formulations which contain high levels of petroleum distillates (V.O.C.s) Thermo-2000® contains only food and cosmetic grade ingredients. Thermo-2000® is safe and effective. Thermo-2000® detoxifies contaminated environments without added unnecessary V.O.C.s. Thermo-2000® reduces the risk of accidents associated with thermal fogging. Thermo-2000® reduces eye and respiratory irritation. You will notice the difference immediately. Thermo-2000® reduces your liability to workers compensation and chemically related litigation. Thermo-2000® permits faster re-occupancy of treated spaces. Thermo-2000® is environmentally friendly.

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